Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alert! H7N9 National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting Details

Alert: H7N9 National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting Details

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Published on Jun 11, 2013
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The majority of the following H7N9 information was gleaned from today's public meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee.

1. Human to Human transmission is the government's public pandemic focus.
2. A direct question about Pigeon to Human transmission was side stepped. (classified?)
3. H7N9 is a great concern because of: The unusually rapid explosion in the number of cases The minimal number of bird infections detected The rapid adaptation to mammalian receptors
4. The vaccine will be laced with ASO3 or MF59 adjuvants
5. Adjuvants tied to Narcolepsy will be correlated with the manufacturer and not the adjuvant.
6. The Non-adjuvant dose would be 90 mcg, and take 18 months and 10's of BILLIONS of dollars to produce. (Was giving away data on our National defense capability a security slip up on their part?)
7. The H7N9 vaccine will be given in two shots: The person will be "primed" with a shot containing a live attenuated virus The person will later receive a second shot with an inactivated virus
8 Only the two shot pattern generates a "Robust and Rapid" immunogenic response to the H7N9 vaccine.
9. The vaccine will not give immunity, rather only lessen the symptoms
10. Alaska is the natural path for a H7N9 pandemic to spread
11. Major cities' feral pigeon populations are the Bio-warfare path to spread H7N9
12. Levels of concern raised in the meeting don't match the amount of money being poured into H7N9

To understand what the CDC expects to happen in this situation watch the movie CONTAGION;
that movie was in essence written and directed by the CDC as a budget raising propaganda movie.
Watch it with a critical eye, and you will get some indication of what the CDC will and won't tell you and what their best hopes are.

We also think it is a cost effective risk mitigation strategy to buy Chlorhexidine Gluconate and to a lesser extent certain disposable masks.
see this link for details

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